Custom Coatings is now spraying Cast Iron Brake Drums in high volumes.

We have received a contract to paint brake drums in a black water based paint for a local company called Eurac Ltd.  Eurac are a member of the MAT Foundry group who are leading manufacturers of Grey and Ductile Iron car components.    The group consist of eight companies across three continents that specialise in the manufacture of cast and machined components for the automotive sector.

The brake drums are manufactured in Cast Iron and then come to us for a single coat of paint to be applied to the outside of the product.

components painted

PLC Control System

control panel painted

Very Hot Brake Disc

Hot Brake Disc

Casting Molten Iron

Casting Brake Drums

A Precision Brake Disk

Precision Component

In order to achieve the high volumes that are required by our customer, we have had to design and build a dedicated spray paint line, which is fully automated.  The line needs to be loaded and unloaded manually, but all other operations have been automated using a PLC based control system.  The PLC has been designed and built in house in order to ensure that the flexibility that we require can all be ensured by simple operator control inputs.  The system paints 5000 products per week.

The control system that we have provided gives the operator control over the production line speed, the number of drums processed simultaneously, spraying time, drum rotations and drying time.  With this large number of variable parameters, the operator can adjust the process to run at the required rate and be compatible with his working routines, whilst guaranteeing that product quality is maintained.  We have also put in place a dedicated delivery system that delivers into our customers factory eight times each day.

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