Spraying of plastic parts

At Custom Coatings we considered to be specialists in the spraying of Plastic Parts.  These parts are for trackball controlled devices and are sprayed in order to make them more attractive and also to provide a resilient hard wearing surface.

Plastic Housings for Trackball Mouse

Plastic Parts

These parts are coated with a two component low gloss Polyurethane enamel.  This provides a superior appearance but also guarantees a highly durable surface that is resistant to scratching, staining, chemical resistance and impacts.  The coating can be either air dried or force dried at low temperatures providing for plastics that cannot tolerate high temperature baking.

VW Gets a facelift

automotive painting

This “standard blue” VW van can often be seen on the road transporting gas engineers to their next appointments.  This one however came to us for a major face lift as part of its conversion into a Camper Surf Van.  Custom Coatings sprayed and lacquered the front and rear valences and also the door mirrors.  Surfing decals and logos were then added to complete the transformation into the sleek-looking camper van it is now.

Our customer, Abi, commented, “I am blown away by the standard and professionalism of the work carried out on my van. The Custom Coatings team were very accommodating with my requests and have gone above and beyond my expectations. I will be back to get my wheels painted soon to complete the look. Thank you all!”

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