“Wazzup” is a 1/7 Scale Model of a Powerboat

Painted Speed Boat

“Wazzup is a 1/7 Scale Model of an Outerlimits SV43 Powerboat

When Reece came to us with his model Powerboat in need of a face lift – we were very happy to oblige.  He had purchased the model as a bare Hull and had installed the 57 CC Twin Cylinder petrol engine and the rest of the running gear.

Having originally painted the Hull himself using spray cans, Reece decided it was time to give the boat a new lease of life.  Custom Coatings provided samples of metallic swatches for him to take away and choose his perfect colour.  We have repaired a crack in the hull and re-painted the boat in blue metallic and the Windscreen and lower Hull in full gloss black.

Painted Speed Boat
painted marine boat
Painted Speed Boat

Reece has kindly commented “They did a excellent job with “Wazzup” now looking perfect and very glossy.  I am extremely happy with the finish and  customer service I received from the team. I couldn’t  recommend them enough.

Thanks Again!”

And thanks to you too Reece – its great to have something a little different.

painted boat 2
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