The Tivoli Theatre in Wimborne gets a smart new look Foyer with some help from Custom Coatings

paint spray cans

It was time for the Tivoli Theatre to be given a smart new entrance

The Tivoli Theatre in Wimborne is one of our local treasures in the Poole area.  It was originally built in 1936 as a combined venue for both Cinema and live Theatre.

The classic Theatre became under threat of demolition in 1979 but has since been rescued by a team of hardworking volunteers and now has its own permanent team who continue to look after the building and its activities.

Tivoli Theatre

Custom Coatings were approached to help assist in the upgrade of this eye catching exterior ceiling framing the entrance to the Theatre.  A series of shaped aluminium panels were manufactured and Custom were invited to paint them in a suitable product.  A system of etch primer, 2 pack Epoxy primer and a 2 pack Polyurethane top coat have been applied and will ensure maximum durability in this outside location.  The panels now look great and we hope and expect that they will do for many years to come.

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