Motor Cycle Fuel Tank – and Hidden Challenges

At Custom Coatings we often have private customers who ask for a huge variety of jobs to complete around the house and home and garden.  On this occasion it was the garage that produced a job that proved to be more challanging than it first appeared.

The Motor Cycle Fuel Tank had already been filled and rubbed down by our customer.  The prep work looked good and we were asked to apply a Base Coat and Lacquer to finish the job off nicely.

Motor Bike Tank

Motor Cycle Fuel Tank – and What Lurks Beneath!

The prep work looked good and we had to do little more to the Tank, so it was cleaned and mounted for Spraying.  On the application of the Base Coat it was immediately evident that some of the filler below had moved and also an old Decal became visible.  You could even read “Triumph” where previously the appeared to be nothing.

We hit the tank harder and deeper with the sander almost to bare metal in placed and then re-filled and faired the tank.  On the second application of the Basecoat, once again we had a reaction.  Although much better that the previous attempt, still not good enough.

We decided to Sand Blast the tank back to bare metal and start from scratch.  Even this did not go without surprises as an old hole was revealed which had been filled to cover it over.  This time it was welded up to provide a safe and permanent repair.  The tank was finally re-filled, faired and painted to produce a stunning result.  We are sure that the renovated Motor Cycle will now become a stunner once again.

Motor Bike Fuel Tank

The requirements for most jobs are fairly apparent from just looking at them.  Sometimes like this one, the history and the previous treatment of the item can still have consequences for what we intend to do today.  I guess you just have to plough on, and make the previous history of the part reveal itself, before you can make it good again.


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