Rapido Caravan

Folding Caravan for well deserved rest

Rapido Confortmatic

Matt approached Custom Coatings for some advice about how he might go about refreshing the interior walls of his 1970 Retro style Folding Caravan.  We gave his some thoughts on how we might go about this but not having seen the Caravan or knowing anything about the construction of the walls it was difficult to be sure.

We then decided that the sensible thing to do was to take the door off (an easy activity) and bring it in for a test spray.  We tested the plastic like substance with and without primers, with plastic primer and with top coat only.  We soon decided that a two pack Polyurethane the job and did not need any other primers beneath

Rapido Confortmatic Caravan

The whole interior has been carefully masked and cleaned before applying two coats of Polyurethane Top Coat to give this stylish and cleanable finish.  After 50 years the owners Matt and Katie deserved the clean and smart looking interior.  As hard working young Doctors, few people deserve a well earned break more than they do.

Journey Across France

This is what Matt had to say about our efforts on his project.

“We got the caravan whilst at medical school five years ago. Katie and I enjoyed staying in it on student-budget friendly holidays down to Devon and Cornwall. We even took it as far as the French Alps one year, where we did an expedition medicine course. While we love it’s retro feel, the pattern on the inside walls was not the best 70s invention! Tim and his team were a pleasure to work with, and completely understanding of an unusual project to respray the van interior with a hardening paint. The joy of this folding van is that you can easily store it, and tow it away to anywhere, whenever you like. Our next adventure planned is to go down through France and Spain and across to Morocco in North Africa.”

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