Aluminium Fabrication painted for use on Bow Thruster

painted component

Aluminium Fabricated Boxes for Bow Thruster

Custom Coatings have recently painted a series of fabricated aluminium boxes which will be used as parts of a Bow Thruster for Superyachts.  These boxes will be assembled along with other parts to make a hydraulically driven thruster that will help the Superyacht manoeuvre in confined spaces and small berths

painted component
Painted component 2
painted component 3

Professional Marine Paint Systems

Custom Coatings can provide a wide variety of advanced Marine Coatings depending upon the nature of the finish and substrate involved.  In this case the Aluminium components are to be used submerged in Sea Water.  This World Leading system provided by “Awlgrip”, provided the perfect technical solution in this application.  The top side finishing systems provide a range of Top Coats, Undercoats, Primers and fillers that will guarantee superb results.  The consistent and ongoing Technical Innovation combined with stringent quality controls will ensure that the coating provides exceptional service life.


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painted component
Aluminium Fabrications for Bow Thruster

Painted fabricated aluminium boxes used as parts of a Bow Thruster for Superyachts

painted components
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